Weight loss


How many times have your tried to lose weight?


Perhaps you have indeed lost weight, whether that be through diets such as Atkins, South Beach, Low Carb or just plain will power. Well done to you. However, like many people you may well have found the weight creeping up again, or, just as unwelcome, the old battles with will power returning. I think you will be reading this because at some point, no matter how temptingly they are packaged, the truth is…for most of us, diets do not work.


Hypnotherapy can help you lose the weight and keep it off by re-programming your mental attitudes to weight loss. When you change the way you think, you wil find it possible and comfortable to reach your desired weight. Clients, for example, find that factors that used to be stressful, such as dining out or having to have ‘forbidden foods’ in the cupboard for the kids, no longer bother them. They are able to lead a normal life enjoying and appreciating what they eat, without letting weight control issues have excessive amounts of their time or energy.


Address your needs


Using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy, I can help you replace stress and tension around weight loss and address your true needs. The sessions are individually designed because each person views food and exercise in their own way. Clients are helped to find and utilize the strategies that work best for them- even seasoned ‘dieters’ find that they see food, exercise, and their own self-image, very differently. They also no longer misuse food, and stop comfort eating, or eating from frustration or boredom. Weight loss, in fact, is not the only benefit. Clients report higher levels of energy, well-being, and interest in life.


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"I manage my ME so much better and I have even lost weight and am back to the size I was when I got married."


Mrs J M, housewife Royston



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