Tests and interviews


Be calm and succeed in that important driving test, job interview or exam.


Adequate preparation is necessary for success in a test or job interview.  However, if you are prepared, but still find yourself dreading tests, exams or interviews, take heart. Hypnotherapy is a valuable means to help your relax and be alert and calm. Using a combination of hypnosis and NLP, adapted to the needs of each person, I find that clients can access their skills easily and without undue strain on the big day.

Test preparation


Hypnotherapy is also popular with clients who are preparing for tests as it improves concentration and application. Studying becomes an enjoyable process which pays off when the results slip arrives in the post!


Why delay? Contact me to discuss the ways hypnotherapy could help you succeed in tests, interviews and exams.

"Marian, I just want you to know that I got the job! I was able to use that 'now or never' feeling to convince others of my worthiness and be proud of who I am, rather than hide."


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