Life coaching


Life coaching for business, career and personal success


Perhaps you feel ready to make changes in your personal or work life- time move forward in new and different ways.


Just as top sports people use coaches to get them to the top of their game, I can offer you life coaching to help you make a fresh start, whether that is specifically in career or business terms or more generally, to broaden your horizons, become more creative and take up exciting new challenges.

Find new perspectives


Personal coaching will help you review the issues, find new perspectives and increase your flexibility. As you become more resourceful, you will be able to tackle barriers, both real or imagined,  and get the life you would like to have.


Hypnosis and NLP enable better clarity and understanding, positive planning and increased confidence. Accessing these inner resources,  you have the ability to make lasting changes in your life.


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"I was sceptical about hypnotherapists and I chose Marian because she looked trustworthy. I was impressed with the results. I got more than I ever imagined possible."


Dr CW, Senior Project Leader, Cambridge Science Park



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MARIAN BARRY is a highly qualified Advanced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, graduate, counsellor,  and published author.  A member of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and bound by their code of ethics and standards of professional training. She is also a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine,  a member of the Society of Authors and the Authors and Copywriters Licensing Society.

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