Alcohol and other addictions


Alcohol dependency, gambling, compulsive shopping, eating disorders and other addictions can be successfully treated by hynotherapy.


Would you like to assert more control over the part alcohol dependency or other addictions play in your life?


Using powerful NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to access the resources of the unconscious mind, clients identify their real needs and learn how to regain control over addiction and replace harmful habits with positive behaviour patterns and feel good about the person they are.




These techniques, which are specially adapted for each client, make the process more relaxing and easier than you might have imagined. Released from the pressures and tension of addictive behaviour, clients have the freedom to re-establish self-worth and enjoy healthier and well-balanced and more rewarding lives.


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"I am free from the gambling 'hold' since seeing Marian. My investments and family are safe and I feel normal again."


Oliver, Company Director, near Saffron Walden



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MARIAN BARRY is a highly qualified Advanced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, graduate, counsellor,  and published author.  A member of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and bound by their code of ethics and standards of professional training. She is also a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine,  a member of the Society of Authors and the Authors and Copywriters Licensing Society.

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